About Westwood Pharmacy

blister meds very smallstockWestwood Pharmacy is a leader in the pharmaceutical supply and service business, providing comprehensive pharmacy services  for all of our customers and facilities. While we primarily provide pharmacy services to correctional facilities, Westwood Pharmacy maintains its reputation as one of the leading independent retail pharmacy in the Richmond metropolitan area. For the past 15 years we have excelled as the leading provider to Virginia’s regional, city, and county jails, and in the past 5 years our business has expanded to service facilities nationwide, ranging from coast to coast. Westwood Pharmacy takes pride in its reputation of the  highest levels of proficiency, efficiency, and customer service as a pharmacy services provider, and we are acclaimed as one of the fastest growing national providers of comprehensive pharmacy services to correctional facilities.  

 With a close network of other pharmacies in the Westwood group, we enjoy the economies of scale of a large operation, but at the same time Westwood Pharmacy, a family-owned business, maintains its distinction as a small business. Originally founded as a community operation, Westwood Pharmacy has expanded its services through the collective support and experience of the Westwood group. This has allowed us to continually escalate our standards of service and consequently to secure more institutional accounts. Our dedication to customer service, accountability, and building personal, long-lasting relationship with our clients has distinguished Westwood Pharmacy as a premier pharmacy services provider in an increasingly competitive marketplace. 

At Westwood Pharmacy we uphold ourselves to the highest standard of excellence because we strive for unparalleled patient care every pharmacist hand small stockday. Our unrelenting efforts have taken Westwood Pharmacy from a small retail operation to an extensive facility responsible for the pharmaceutical needs of nearly 200,000 patients annually. We regard this responsibility as a privilege, and we constantly are looking
for ways that we can improve our operations in order to reach the highest level of patient care.